Knowledge Partners

Problems like poaching, charcoaling, encroachment, human-wildlife conflicts, bush fires, and other threats to nature conservation are complex. There is no silver bullet to solve them.

To find and develop solutions that give rangers the upper-hand, we closely work together with the a range for knowledge institutes. Through Sensing Clues, they all provide their knowledge and services for free or at cost price to anyone working within the domain of ecosystem conservation and wildlife protection.

Ranger Campus and Sensing Clues’ mission is to strengthen the information position and operational capabilities of rangers. Where Sensing Clues and her technology-partners develop the required technologies, Ranger Campus helps us to identify technology requirements, organise field tests, provides us with first-hand ranger-feedback, and is developing training materials when and where needed.

M+P is an international company with cutting-edge knowledge of measuring vibrations and acoustics in real-time field contexts. Together we are developing SERVAL, a sensor designed for recognizing different types of sounds, such as elephant rumbles, engines, shots, etc. We use these sound-events to inform rangers about possible threats. For example, about poachers driving into the park (wildlife crime), or about dangerous elephants nearing a village (human-wildlife conflict).

C-TiEM Consultancy supports Sensing Clues Foundation by developing (Virtual Reality) Training solutions to prepare frontline protectors on their role in the process of the protection of endangered species and ecosystems.

We are proud to work with the Resource Ecology Research Group of Prof. dr. Herbert Prins on Smart Parks and other data- and technology-driven nature conservation concepts.

Dr. Angela Stoeger of the Cognitive Biology Group of Vienna University and Dr. Matthias Zeppelzauer of the Media Computing Group of St. Polten University, are the conceptual architects of an elephant monitoring and alerting system. Based on their knowledge and the 100s of sound samples they have collected on elephant rumbles, we are developing a state-of-art elephant early warning system to mitigate conflicts between elephants and people (HWC).

Dr. Shermin de Silva of Trunk and Leaves is specialised in the behaviour and communications of Asian Elephants. By providing us with elephant sound samples and theoretical and practical advise, she helps us to develop a state-of-art elephant early warning system to mitigate conflicts between elephants and people (HWC).

Dr. Peter Wrege of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology provides us with elephant sound recordings and practical help, including the use of the Raven sound analysis software. His help and recordings are of critical importance for the development of our SERVAL-sensor, developed for mitigating human-wildlife conflicts (HWC)