Actionable information, also called intelligence, is key for effective nature conservation and wildlife protection

Without it, rangers are fighting an uphill battle. Indeed, most nature reserves are simply too extensive, and boots on the ground too few, to effectively guard and protect wildlife against poachers.

Hence, a first and necessary step to improve the effectiveness of the rangers, is building a superior intelligence position. The more is known about the poaching threats (targets, locations, timing, modus operandi, local market for hiring trackers and finding buyers, etc.), and the sooner field observations and intelligence can translated into briefings, the better rangers can prepare themselves to take protective action.

With these thoughts in mind, Sensing Clues is making available technologies that help rangers to gain the upper-hand. As no one has the silver bullet, we do so by engaging acknowledged wildlife experts and technology specialists from all over the world.  Together, we are building and supporting a Wildlife Intelligence Platform, that contains the necessary intelligence functions for the people working at the frontlines: our rangers.


Step 1. Improve collection and sharing of information

Step 2. Strengthen realtime situational understanding

Step 3. Extend virtual presence

Cluey small

The Clues Tracker and Data Collection App help you to collect and share data easily. That is, to register tracks, offences, recoveries, observations, and ranger responses to any type of event.

The Focus 360 Analytics app helps you to analyse your data intuitively. You can use free text search, timelines and time-sliders, geo-boxes, and semantic content filters.

Field sensors can be used as “virtual eyes and ears”. They can perform monitoring tasks for prolonged periods of time, without draining patrol and incident response capacity.

Read more about ClueyRead more about FocusRead more about SERVAL

More information and the terms and conditions for using the Wildlife Intelligence Platform can be found HERE.

Below you find the various support level you can choose from.


Our mission is to turn wild spaces into safe havens. To accomplish our mission, we assembled three support packages to suite even the smallest of budgets.

Note that all licence and hosting costs are being sponsored by our Solution Partners. You only pay a contribution for the support services that we have to provide. 

  • The Software Support Package (S) grants you the right to use all of our tools, including hosting services and ongoing research, development, and maintenance of the software. Help with user questions are handled through the Wildlife Intelligence Support Forum. The actual annual cost of this package is 1815 euro. However, if this price is too high, you contribute what you can afford.
  • With the User Support Package (U) we help you to set up the system properly and give you access to our engineers to handle user questions. The annual contribution for this package is 3640 euro.
  • With the Park Support Package (P) we can help you to integrate the Wildlife Intelligence Platform with the systems that you already have, including local databases, trackers, sensors, on premise support, etc. The annual contribution for this package is 3640 euro plus the cost of custom engineering. 

Below you find an overview of the tools and services per Support Package. 

 S  U  P 
High Available Cloud Service, Unlimited data storage (1)
Benefits of continued Research, Development & Maintenance
Cluey Tracker and Data Collection app for Wildlife Rangers
Focus 360 Analytics app for Command Posts and Analysts (online)
Focus 360 Analytics app for Command Posts and Analyst (offline)  
Data Upload Service  
Future functions, incl. patrol heatmaps, incident compass, group chat, census forms, risk forecasting, briefing, dossier forming, criminal networks analysis, etc.
Wildlife Intelligence Forum Support
Scheduled video-conferences  (e.g. Skype, Zoom.us) (1) 
Assistance with configuration and implementation 
Assistance with issues during upgrades 
Assistance with troubleshooting 
Within Week Best-Effort Support via Email or Chat (1) 
Next Business Day Best-Effort Support via Email or Chat (1)  
Communication with backoffice engineers  
Setup of custom alerting rules and notification services (2)  
Creation and placement of geofences) (2)  
Third party integrations, e.g. trackers, sensors, data sources (2)  
Custom ontology development (2)  
Inclusion of custom icons (Cluey) (2)  
On-premise installation support (2)  
Sensor blueprints, firmware and algorithms  
Custom sensor and software development (2)  
Setup of field networks (SatCom, LoRa and others) (2)  
Training: product use, analytics, briefing preparation, etc. (2)  

1 Fair use policy
2 Requires intake and possibly additional Project-Based Services

Support does not include:

  • Support in languages other than English
  • Support for organizations without Registered User Agreement
  • Support for the Wildlife Intelligence Platform server releases other than the latest official release or the previous major build release.
  • If a SCCSS API is suspected as the root cause of an issue, sample code able to replicate the issue must be provided.