Information, Terms and Conditions

Please read the following paragraphs carefully.

The SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence is:

  • designed and developed to help Wildlife Protection Organisations to improve situational awareness (what, where and when etc of problems in the area) and operational understanding (the who, where and when etc of your protective forces), required to preserve and protect ecosystems and wildlife;
  • a multi data-source and multi-sensor platform. Any type of camera, sensor, database or document (word, pdf, spreadsheets, photo’s. etc.), both offline and online (web resources), can be connected, after which the data sources are being used to improve situational awareness and operational understanding. In real-time where possible;
  • is a cloud service, but if internet connectivity is lacking or extremely poor, it can also be installed on-premise and function off-line.
  • built upon a mixture of best-of-breed technologies, which are either open source or 100% sponsored if they are proprietary.

The SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence contains multiple tools, among which:

  • Cluey Tracker and Data Collection app, for data collection, tracking, alerting, and quick response organizing. Cluey is an Android app, works offline, and is dominantly icon-based, enabling ill-literate people to use the app;
  • Focus 360 Analytics app, for analysing the various data sources through four different lenses: geo-spatial, time-spatial, subject-lens (things, people, acts), and subject relations (graphs), and any combination hereof;
  • Data Upload Service, for adding custom data to the SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence .


The SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence  has been designed, from scratch, with security and privacy in mind. None of the data is accessible by anyone outside the project, unless the owner of the data decides otherwise. The data is owned by the project owner. Sensing Clues is not authorised to use the data for any other purpose then to improve its services within the confines of the project and is not responsible for the quality and usage of the data

The following terms and conditions apply:


  1. Users respect international human rights. The SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence may not be used in any unlawful way.
  2. Anti-discrimination. The SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence  may not be used to discriminate people, or form alliances against minorities.
  3. Sensing Clues reserves at any time the rights to accept or deny requests for registered use and to withdraw granted registered use the terms laid down in this agreement are violated.
  4. Disclaimer: the SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence  allows for regulated access to shared data resources. Responsibility for data and data access rests for 100% with the owner of the data. Including privacy, lawfulness of registering data, and data sharing.
  5. Disclaimer: Sensing Clues and its Solution Partners maintain high security standards. For example, the MarkLogic database is being used by FBI and other intelligence organisations, as a security-by-design solution. But also at hosting level, web security, user and data management, and many other technical and non-technical aspects, mechanisms are being implemented to secure the data of our field partners. Notwithstanding these efforts, security risks can never be reduced by 100%. By signing this agreement, the user acknowledges and accepts that Sensing Clues will not be liable for any type of damage that result from security breaches.
  6. Disclaimer: Sensing Clues does not accept any type of damage related to discontinuity of service.

License costs and Service fees

  1. The SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence  is license free for registered Wildlife Protection Organisations whose main purpose it is to preserve or protect nature reserves and its wildlife.
  2. Service fees may apply and are being used to fund ongoing research and development, maintenance and support.
  3. For use of the SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence  outside the scope of nature reserves and wildlife preservation and protection, commercial terms and license fees apply. Profits are being used to fund ongoing research and development, and maintenance and support.

Registered users:

  1. comply with the intentions and rules set forth above;
  2. assign a senior contact person to act as liaison between the Wildlife Protection Organisation and Sensing Clues;
  3. provide Sensing Clues with a short description of their organisation and its mission, which will be posted on the website;
  4. provide Sensing Clues at minimum with a yearly feedback about the use of, and experiences with the SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence . This information will be used to improve the products and services of Sensing Clues;
  5. support Sensing Clues in fundraising activities to pay for research and development, and lower Service fees for maintenance and support;
  6. allow Sensing Clues to use the information under point 3 and 4 for external publication and to promote proactive cooperation within the user community.