SCCSS Intelligence Platform

The Sensing Clues Cloud Service Suite (SCCSS, pronounced as success) is name of our intelligence platform. It’s forms the beating heart of our early warning and fast-response systems.

SCCSS supports the full intelligence cycle: from sensor to sense-making, from decision-making to action.

The platform is based on open standards, open source software, and license free propriety software of Technology Partners.

Field Partners can setup one or more project environments. All data within such project is owned and exclusively managed by the Field Partner.

Currently the following functions are supported:

  • intuitive analytics
  • open API’s to connect all your sensors, camera’s, and other field devices
  • secure storage and retrieval of all you data
  • authentication and authorisation of users and field sensors
  • monitoring and management of connected devices
  • semantics-based integration of different types of data and data sources
  • data source and application specific knowledge model development for intuitive big data analytics
  • construction and management of alerting rules

For the automated alerting functions, the trick is to translate your knowledge and experience into observable indicators. For example, the noise of chainsaw or vehicle, or the smoke of a campfire in an area where humans are not allowed. In the SCCSS-platform you can combine multiple observations, including historical ones. Moreover, you can add white-lists and watch-lists of signals that you trust or want to emphasise. You thus increase the relevance of the alerts and reduce the number of false alarms.

The above functions are built on proven technology of MarkLogic, PoolParty, BIT Internet Technology, and Sensing Clues. Within the scope of our mission, all provide their services license free.