PoolParty Semantic Suite

In one or two clicks I have a summary of what I want in relation to any incident.
That is really awesome!

(Moses Lorewa, Lead Analyst, Wildlife Works, Kenya)

Enhanced data integration, search and analytical capabilities

To make a difference, Wildlife Protection Organisations need to embrace the best technologies on the market, tuned to their work and circumstances. PoolParty Semantic Suite is one of those technologies and is assisting Sensing Clues in boosting the analytical capabilities of Wildlife Protection Organisations – a base condition to gain accurate and timely situational understanding of what is happening in the park, where and when.

Semantic Data Integration with PoolParty Semantic Suite


Using PoolParty Semantic Suite, Sensing Clues built a semantic knowledge graph for the domain of nature conservation and wildlife crime investigations. This Wildlife Intelligence Knowledge Graph is at the core of the Sensing Clues Wildlife Intelligence Platform. Through this platform, users can:

  • Integrate data from various data sources, including linked open data, while keeping the original data intact and improving overall data quality.
  • Allow analysts to search across these various data sources, independent of vocabularies used.
  • Enable advanced analytics, facilitating easy switching between abstraction levels and analytical lenses (source, content, space, time, relations, etc.).
  • Investigate the seven golden questions in law enforcement: what happened, where, when, who was involved, how are they doing it, what do they use (modus operandi), and why?

By linking concepts within the knowledge graph to Linked Open Data projects, such as Geonames and DBpedia, characteristics of, for example, places or animals can be included in the knowledge graph, which are not being recorded by the Wildlife Protection Organisations.

For example, Linked Open Data such as typical weight, size, or habitat per species, can be used to find patterns or create reports. Moreover, weather forecasts and moon phases can be used to create predictive models, thus providing Wildlife Protection Organisations with information to outsmart poachers.

The PoolParty Semantic Suite has proved to be a powerful, efficient and robust way to semantically enrich data and enhance search and analytics. It enables Sensing Clues to bring these capabilities within reach of Wildlife Protection Organisations.

You can download the brochure right here.