Solution Partners

Problems like poaching, charcoaling, encroachment, human-wildlife conflicts, bush fires, and other threats to nature conservation are complex. There is no silver bullet to solve them.

To find and develop solutions that give rangers the upper-hand, we closely work together with the best-of-breed companies. Through Sensing Clues, they all provide their technologies and services for free or at cost price to anyone working within the domain of ecosystem conservation and wildlife protection.

The following Solution Partners provide the basis of the  SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence:

DIKW Intelligence is specialised in helping organisations to turn data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom. To this end they deploy high-end data science methods and tools to generate actionable information (intelligence). DIKW Intelligence is a first-hour partner of Sensing Clues, taking a lead-role in design and implementation of the SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence and providing us free office space, advice, and access to her data scientists against subsidised fees.

MarkLogic provides cutting edge database technology and semantic search functions. Security is deeply engrained in its architecture, which is of utmost importance for rangers working on wildlife crime. Besides providing Sensing Clues with this technology, MarkLogic Netherlands contributes with free advise hands-on expertise for the development of the SCCSS Wildlife Intelligence Platform in general, and the Focus 360 Analytics app in particular.

BIT logo

BIT Internet Technology is specialised in colocation, internet connections, managed hosting and outsourcing for corporate internet users. BIT offers the basis of IT and internet infrastructure for quality-conscious organisations. Reliability is the fundamental idea of our service, so our clients can focus on their core activities carefree. BIT distinguishes itself with a high level of knowledge, years of experience and a pragmatic approach. BIT is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. All servers and the internet infrastructure behind the SCCSS Platform for Wildlife Intelligence is being sponsored by BIT.

Semantic Web Company is globally acknowledged as the leading and most innovative Linked Data technology provider. Their focus on metadata, search, and analytic solutions seamlessly fits the intelligence tool stack that Sensing Clues is developing for rangers. The PoolParty application provides the semantic technologies needed to turn raw data into meaningful concepts that are easily understood by rangers and analysts alike.

Frontier Oost is a design and software company with a strong focus on the end-user. They offer support in design process and application development to help launching ideas or to improve current services. Frontier Oost wants to help the social sector navigate software and design complexity and increase their impact.

FileRun is known as “probably the slickest file-management software out there”.  Sensing Clues is using FileRun to enable our Field Partners to upload any type of data to our Focus 360 Analytics app.

Next to the above organisations, Sensing Clues is supported by a renown international legal firm, taking care of all legal affairs. It’s pro bono contributions are generously made anonymously.

Moreover, negotiations are ongoing with a renown international accountancy firm and one of the leading GIS technology providers to join our alliance of Solution Providers.