3-Step Approach

Based on interviews, observations, and decades of experience in the field of environmental protection services and law enforcement, we developed a 3-step approach to strengthen the intelligence position of Wildlife Protection Organisations. 

Step 1. Improve collection and sharing of information

Step 2. Strengthen realtime situational understanding

Step 3. Extend virtual presence

The Clues Tracker and Data Collector app helps you to collect and share data easily. That is, to register tracks, offences, recoveries, observations, and ranger responses to any type of event.

The Focus 360 Analytics app helps you to analyse data intuitively. You can use free text search, timelines and time-sliders, geo-boxes, and semantic content filters.

Field sensors can be used as “virtual eyes and ears”. They can perform monitoring tasks for prolonged periods of time, without draining patrol and incident response capacity.

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Key characteristics of the Platform for Wildlife Intelligence are:

  • It is designed for nature conservation and wildlife protection in general and in specific for:
    • rangers, tourist guides, pilots,
    • analysts and researchers,
    • commanders and operations managers.
  • Data is owned and governed by the Wildlife Protection Organisation
  • Security and privacy by design
  • It can process any type of data
  • It integrates with any system that adheres to open standards
  • The platform functions online and offline
  • Costs of software and hosting are 100% sponsored. You only pay for support services provided by our engineers and material experts.