Foundation Factsheet

Sensing Clues Foundation

Sensing Clues Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, officially registered in the Netherlands as Stichting Sensing Clues with RSIN/fiscal number 858159752 and Chamber of Commerce Number 70140707 (Amsterdam).

ANBI status

Sensing Clues Foundation is officially registered as ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation) by the Dutch tax authorities. An institution can be qualified as a Public Benefit Organisation solely when at least 90% of the institutions efforts are focused on the general good. It also provides a number of tax advantages to donors, and requires the foundation to comply with specific administrative and transparency requirements.

Contact details

Sensing Clues Foundation has offices in Amsterdam (HQ) and Nieuwegein (maker space), the Netherlands

The Sensing Clues Supervisory Board consists of four people:

Supervisory Board


Projects and daily operations are managed by:

Remuneration policy

Members of the Board and Management do not receive remuneration for their activities. The foundation has no employees.

Mission: turning wild spaces into safe havens!

Or more specifically: strengthening and supporting wildlife rangers and their managers in protected areas worldwide, to protect local biodiversity. We do this by making available technologies that strengthen and extend the capabilities of rangers.


Our platform consists of two major components, 1) Solution Partners and 2) Technologies.

Solution Partners: we actively seek and select partners to advance our mission. These include research partners, field support partners, technology providers, legal advisors, and sponsors.

Technologies: the Foundation makes available technologies for the conservation of ecosystems and the protection of flora and fauna. We are lowering the cost of integration, ownership, use, and support, by working with our Solution Partners on a modular “system of systems” that can easily be adapted to fit local conditions.


The Board meets at least once per year. The Board member in charge of the secretariat compiles the annual reports. During the meetings spending decisions are taken only in accordance with the objectives and the chairman and the treasurer of the board usually nominate these decisions. The decision to allocate financial means to projects is prepared by a committee consisting of at least two board members. This may include, where applicable, discussions with applicants and any other stakeholders.

Pursuant to the Articles of Association, no (legal) person has a decisive say within the Foundation. Thus no (legal) person can possess the assets of the Foundation as if it were equity.

Each year Kernhem Accountants & Adviseurs B.V conduct an audit. The Board shall adopt the financial statements in the subsequent meeting.

The Director is mandated to legally represent the Foundation. Moreover, the Director will engage in the daily execution of our projects. Both on and off site.

Obtained funds will be used to cover project costs. Sensing Clues Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Hence, all revenues will be spent in accordance with the objectives of the Foundation.

Required expertise for approved projects is obtained from partners of Sensing Clues Foundation. This partnership is open for anyone adhering to our mission.


Earnings stem from support packages, donations, heritage, project grants, and other sources of income.


The Board takes great care to ensure that expenditures are made only in accordance with the statutory corporate purpose and the available funds.

Policy 2017-2018

  1. Development and hosting of generic data platform, including the Cluey fast-response app.
  2. Development of SERVAL sensor, including elephant rumbles and gunshots.
  3. Fundraising (2017-2018).

In addition:

  • Engagement of counterparts in the field to support local testing, training and support;
  • Engagement of research and technology partners;
  • Enrolment of partner-technologies;

Technological solutions

  • HWC: training SERVAL sensor for recognition of gunshots, elephant rumbles, and tiger roars (if the roars are retrieved in time);

Annual Report 2018

Sensing Clues Foundation has formally been founded on 22 November 2017.

The Sensing Clues Foundation Annual Report 2018 will be published on our website in the first quarter of 2019.