Cluey Tracker & Data Collector

The Cluey Tracker and Data Collector is an Android app designed to record ranger tracks, ease data collection and the registration of events, and improve coordination among rangers. It functions best on Android version 7 and higher.

Cluey works both on- and offline. In the latter case, observations are being shared once connection is re-established.

With Cluey you can:

  • record your own tracks and specify whether you are on duty, patrol, or following the spoor of a human or animal,
  • view your own position and those of your fellow-respondersĀ on the map
  • create manual alerts and notes, including photos, icons and free text
  • respond to field sensors alerts in near real-time

Moreover, you can invite friends and colleagues to share information with and download the map for offline use.

Information among members is shared within a project group. The information is restricted to project members only. One can only become a project member upon invitation by the project owner. 

select type of track and add observations
add observation (note or alert)
share your response to an alert