We are partnering with MarkLogic!

As of today we are working with MarkLogic to develop our SensingClues Cloud Services Suite (SCCSS). Our first tool in this suite is FOCUS. FOCUS is an interactive real-time big-data analytics tool. It is designed to support heuristic analysis, performed by crisis response decision makers, rather than data scientists. As such it is the tool for both centralised and distributed field operations’ intelligence and command centers.

MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NO-SQL database (Not Only SQL). It is a rocketing new generation storage and retrieval tool that is built for dealing with today’s high variety of data, high volumes, and high velocities. In other words, designed for big data. Think sensor data, geographical data, open source social media data, geo-tagged photo’s, etc. Anything that can be used to inform decision making within fast response teams. And very important for supporting collaboration between stakeholders in the field: data security is built in. We thus can guarantee that information is only shared with those entitled. And we can share information across organisational boundaries without losing that control.

In short, as of today SCCSS is powered by MarkLogic !

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