Multi-sensor project

People make sounds that differentiate them from other species. SensingClues is working on a smart sensor that can record sounds on large distances, can differentiate between types of sounds, and which is accurate. The sensor needs to be self-sufficient on energy and should last unattendedly for at least 1 year. Moreover, the sensor is being designed to withstand heat, cold, water and dust. The sensor will be able to connect with the internet – where-ever it is deployed – to transmit its alerts and to enable distant upgrades. And last but not least, it is going to be affordable!

In this project we work together with scientists, (electrical) engineers, and programmers.

Do you want to bring in your expertise to make the sensor even smarter, cheaper, or more robust? Contact us to discuss opportunities.

Are you a nature reserve manager or anti-poaching program manager and do you have suggestions or questions regarding the capabilities of this sensor? Please let us know. We would love to talk with you about the specific requirements you have!

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